There have been quite a few comments on other threads (as well as on the forums and the Facebook page) about the fact that there was no special event or free donuts for either Easter or April Fool’s Day. Rather than having those comments take other posts completely off topic, I thought a separate post might be helpful.

Easter is an easy one – not every holiday or event is celebrated in the game and particularly when two “holidays” occur close to each other, if we see one in the game, we probably won’t see the other. This year, EA chose to give us St. Patrick’s Day rather than Easter. Together with the two episode promotions and a new level, this meant that there was quite a lot going on during March by the standards of a non-event month in Tapped Out. While Easter Egg collecting would have made a great event task, it may well be something we see next year.

But what about April Fool’s Day? A number of commenters have suggested that this is much more of a Simpsons occasion. While they make be right, April Fool’s Day is probably best avoided if you’ve been running a game that has recently been experiencing a run of bugs and glitches. It’s also a day where pranks, by tradition, only count if they’re played in the morning. And in a global game, it’s always the wrong time of the day somewhere. In fact, as this post is appearing, it’s still April 1 in some parts of the world, but the sun’s already up on April 2 in others.

So why weren’t there free donuts for either occasion? Some special days have resulted in free donuts in the past – Labor Day, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day (and possibly Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but my memory is a little hazy and the reports are inconsistent about these). But not every special day means free donuts – and I fully expect that in the future we’ll see some special occasions resulting in donuts and others going completely unmarked.

But the best reason to explain why nothing happened over the weekend is that there’s probably something bigger and better just around the corner.