When the gift box first appeared at the end of January, this was a question that many longer term players of the game were asking, and it’s easy to forget that it’s probably a question that goes through the minds of more recent players when they see it for the first time when their XP bar reaches level 27. The gift box is the first of the changes you see in your XP bar during the game, and when it first appears it can be a bit surprising.

The gift box means that you’re now at the highest level currently available for the game (new levels are added every 4-6 weeks or so). And that means there may be a bit of a wait until you get the next series of level-based quests. The gift box represents the reward you’ll get for getting so far the very next time your XP bar fills up – and that’s the chance to win 1,2, or 3 donuts.

This was a big change for the game – until the bonus levels arrived, the XP you built up once you hit the highest available level largely went to waste. Now, once you’ve hit the bonus level once, your blue XP bar stays full but hidden. Instead, you see a pink XP bar, which then keeps filling up and hitting bonus levels until the next level arrives (when it will automatically turn blue again no matter how much XP is on your pink XP bar).

Unfortunately the bonus levels also seem to be at the root of the “harp of death”, one of the game’s most infamous bugs. While the risk of the harp appears to have been significantly reduced, some players are still experiencing it, so it’s still wise if you’re an Android player or on an older Apple device, to slow down a bit as you are about to hit a bonus level.