First, no Whacking Day event has yet been announced by EA, so there is still no guarantee that anything will happen. However, there is information in the files about a Whacking Day event and there was none at all for an Easter or April Fool’s event, so the chances of something happening for Whacking Day are, at the very least, a bit more likely. So, if a Whacking Day event does happen, is it also possible that there’ll be some new decorations for our Springfields?

Yes – very possible. But if you’re viewing from the homepage and want to see what they might be, you’ll need to follow the link just below the picture to get to the full page post…

The picture above is a hint of other things that may be on the way – but onto the decorations for now. These are some of the things you may be able to add to your town very soon:

Whacking T-shirt Stall
Whacking Mug Stall
Whacking Stick Stall
Whacking Day Banner
Hollow Snake Trunk
Snake Stump
Snake Statue
Snake Rocks
Snake Eggs

Together with a range of practice snakes (a couple for Ninja Homer and one or two that seem to be for regular use) and a Hot Tub (it may have something to do with Miss Springfield, but I’m really not sure about this one), it seems there will be quite a few more items for you to use to decorate your town for Whacking Day.

If it happens. Fingers crossed. And if it’s all an April Fool’s Day joke on EA’s part, it’s certainly an elaborate one that started long before April Fool’s Day.