I hadn’t noticed this until Siva asked the question yesterday – but the level 20 Other Springfield does indeed have 2 of Cletus’s Farm. I guess I hadn’t noticed because I usually tap on it so quickly before moving out and on to my friends.

Apparently this is a legacy of the very early days of the game, before the stability issues that saw its withdrawal from the App Store in the first half of last year. Back when it was launched, it was apparently possible to franchise Cletus’ Farm and have at least 2 of them.

However, that possibility no longer exists in the game. In your town, Cletus can have one farm and one farm only. That makes much more sense – after all, he’s a hillbilly, not an agricultural conglomerate. And that means the level 20 Other Springfield is really just a snapshot of an earlier stage in the game’s development.

This may change when a higher level Other Springfield is eventually added – but it’s just as likely that your level 20 Other Springfield will always have Cletus and his family working much harder than any of them probably really want to.