While we’re all checking into our game far too often in the hope of an early update, here’s something to take your mind off the fact that there’s no sign of it yet…

Before going on, though, credit where credit is due: Thanks to rcsprinter for drawing my attention to this – and thanks to Dr. Christoph Bartneck from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand for doing all of the hard calculations and posting them all on his blog. All credit for everything that follows must go to Dr. Bartneck – and you can find his original post at http://www.bartneck.de/2013/03/29/quickly-earning-money-in-simpsons-tapped-out-with-houses/.

Dr. Bartneck has confirmed what most of us have suspected: the houses that give you income at a higher frequency also give you the highest hourly income rate. And of course that means that the more often you have to tap on a house, the higher your hourly income is. In short – the more frequently you tap, the more money you make. He’s created a chart to demonstrate this, which I won’t reproduce here – you can go to his blog and take a look for yourself.

But he went one step further and looked at how many hours of play it takes for each type of house to break even. Based on his calculations, this is what he concluded: “I consider the blue house as the best investment. It is cheap, gives you a decent amount of income and you do not have to tap it too often. The purple house is the next best choice if you play more frequently and have the energy to tap the house every three hours.”

Here are his figures for the houses you can see his calculations for some of the other buildings on his blog:

Building Breakeven Number of Taps
Brown House 4.93 60
Purple House 44.00 15
Blue House 96.00 12
Pink House 185.49 31
White House 461.91 39
Orange House 1567.50 98

I see a conference presentation in the making! A Doctorate in Simpsonology anyone?