Ninja Homer has been around in the game files for some time now. In fact, several months ago, a Ninja Homer image was shared on a number of the forums, and you can see it below:

So will we be seeing Ninja Homer in the game anytime soon and will this costume for Homer be part of a possible Whacking Day event? You’ll have to use the link below to find out more…

EA had apparently planned a Whacking Day event as the first major event of the game. However, due to stability issues, the game was withdrawn from the App Store for several months and Whacking Day 2012 was shelved. It’s quite likely that Ninja Homer is a legacy of the initial plans.

With an unlock message that says “Silent but deadly. Also I’m a ninja”, it’s possible that Ninja Homer will be part of a 2013 Whacking Day event (if one takes place – nothing is definite at this stage). The not so good news is that it looks like this will be as a premium costume for Homer that will cost you donuts (my guess is 90, but I could be wrong). Ninja Homer will have his own tasks and quests, but they’ll run alongside and be separate from the main Whacking Day storyline – which means that Ninja Homer won’t be essential to your progress in a Whacking Day event or in the game.

So, if there is a Whacking Day event, we’re also likely to see Ninja Homer. And if you have some donuts spare, whether or not you spend them on Ninja Homer may well be something you’ll need to consider sometime very soon.