Last weekend’s poll focused on the characters you would most like to see in the game. The characters selected were taken from your responses to a question asked by rcsprinter a couple of weeks ago and – strange as it may seem – none of the characters included in the poll are anywhere among the characters that seems to be lined up for the next couple of months. All that really shows, though, is how rich and deep the series is and just how many major, minor and somewhere-in-between characters could possibly enter the game (after all, who would have expected Shauna!).

So who did you want to see? Here’s how the results came through:

And here’s the percentage breakdown:

Patty and Selma – 22.89%
Disco Stu – 14.77%
Crazy Cat Lady – 14.46%
Troy McLure – 10.42%
Captain Horatio McCallister – 7.74%
Rainier Wolfcastle – 7.34%
Rodd and Todd – 7.22%
Lionel Hutz – 6.36%
Eddie and Lou – 5.62%
Bleeding Gums Murphy – 3.2%

I’ll be posting soon on the characters that we may be seeing over the next couple of months (so hold that off from this thread to save spoiling it for people who don’t like to know what’s coming). In the meantime, if you have any ideas for polls that you’d like to see on this site, feel free to post them here!