Level 20 is the last of the original game levels. From here, the quests start to get a bit longer and a bit more complicated, as they were designed to keep players occupied until new levels arrived.

The usual general warnings apply and a couple more as well:

1. If you play regularly, your XP bar may tell you that you’re at a much higher level than your real game level. I was already at XP bar level 25 (the highest level at the time) before I was able to unlock the Town Hall.
2. You can only unlock buildings through regular game play – buying a premium character will never allow you to unlock a building early (e.g. Bumblebee Man has a Town Hall task that you won’t be able to do until you unlock the Town Hall in your main game).
3. Because a lot of random quests are starting to come up by this stage of the game, you may not receive all the quests you see here in the same order as they appear. Don’t worry – so long as the main storyline appears to be proceeding, you’ll get to the next building.
4. A special note for this level: if you were able to get the Gorgeous Grampa costume, you’ll be able to put it on Grampa shortly after he arrives. It might be best to delay doing this until after you’re prompted to build the Town Hall.

Lisa should have been free at the end of the Retirement Castle build to move the game on. She prompts the start of the next series of tasks:

1. Good Samaritan Now that the Retirement Castle has been rebuilt, Lisa has something else to do with her free time:

So Lisa goes to the Retirement Castle to read to old people (2 hours – keep Chief Wiggum free as she finishes)
2. I Was In The War I Think The return of Grampa means that his stories are back to. And naturally that’s one of Grampa’s first tasks – to tell stories on the couch (60 minutes).
3. For the Birds Grampa may be going through some of his tasks while the tasks leading up to the Town Hall build are going on. You should already have a bench, but if you’ve put it away or sold it, you’ll need to place one so that Grampa has a place to feed the birds (8 hours)

4. Re-elect Mayor Quimby Part 1 As soon as Lisa finishes at the Retirement Castle, she’ll begin prompting the tasks the next series of tasks:

Homer: I know – it’s a lot of tapping.
Lisa: I’m just saying – we need someone to be in charge.
Chief Wiggum: Fear not! Your authority figure is already here.
And, to exercise his authority, Chief Wiggum heads off to collect bribes – 3 times (at 4 hours each time – keep Lisa free as he finishes for the third time).
5. Re-elect Mayor Quimby Part 2 Lisa is unimpressed with Chief Wiggum’s law-and-order efforts:

Lisa: We need someone to bring order!
Marge: How about Mayor Quimby?
Lisa: No! He’s more corrupt than Wiggum!
Homer: Too late – Town Hall already showed up on the build menu.
And because it’s too late, you need to build the Town Hall (24 hours and $48,500, unlocking Mayor Quimby).

6. The Buck Stops Here, The Work Also Now he’s back, Quimby has a lot of work to do. And his first and most important task is to write the book on ethics (12 hours).
7. The Mysterious Brown House Part 5 Because there are no sleazy motels yet, and he and Miss Springfield are feeling quite tired from hard work and effective governance, Quimby takes Homer’s advice and goes to take a “nap” in the Brown House (30 minutes – keep Bart free as he finishes).

I guess that means that Mayor Quimby will be as excited about a possible Whacking Day event as we all are.

The walkthroughs will continue…

Note: There’s an extra task which may or may not appear at this stage – Is It Pay Day Already? – in which Quimby collects bribes (4 hours)