The one advantage that Android players have over Apple players at the moment is that they don’t have to worry about the Righteousness rating. It’s the most difficult of all the Conform-o-meter ratings to control and it seems to have been behaving particularly strangely of late.

So how can you keep it at 5 stars? Hear are some thoughts from readers of this blog:

Dave: Short of a glitch, I have convinced myself that activity choices matter. I cannot find enough brooms to keep my Righteousness dropping at least once a week. The latest drop followed frequent protesting and sneaking into r rated movies.

Lee: Each time a new level is added, when I max out from blue XP bar and move to pink XP bonus bar, my Righteousness drops from 5-stars to 1-star). If that happens, I’d just visit a few friends’ towns and tap on those cleaning mops I find. When I return back to my Springfield, my Righteousness restores back to 5-stars.

Sudo Name: I had my Righteousness score drop when I rushed through tapping in neighbors’ towns, therefore by-passing too many brooms.

Deidre: I’ve noticed if I miss cleaning up graffiti, my rating drops. And it takes a long time to get back to 5 stars afterwards. Also if I let Snake or Hank Scorpio wander around without a task it drops as well. As a result I keep them on 12 and 24 hours tasks to keep my 5 stars.

Sarah: I’m getting frustrated with the righteousness rating. I used to always do graffiti when I went to friends’ towns, as it gives them income on buildings that don’t otherwise have it, but at the moment it just keeps making my righteousness meter drop like a stone. Except for playing around because it was behaving weirdly (and I’m a nosy person who likes to figure these things out!), I always used to avoid mopping the graffiti up for the same reason, but if I do a little graffiti it seems to take a lot of mopping to get the rating back up. More than cleaning up my own buildings. Very frustrating, as I kinda feel bad for taking the opportunity of income from them. It’s stopping me from doing graffiti in the first place, which seems a pity.

mahmoudshoblaq: If you don’t play for a while or you don’t get any mops in your Springfield for a while it goes down to 1 star! Also if you visit neighbors and graffiti them (spray paint their buildings) it goes down to 1 star! How you get it back to 5 stars? You hope that people that visit your Springfield graffiti your buildings and you get the mops (each mop = 1/2 star). OR when visiting friends, if they have any mops do those instead of collecting money from houses/buildings. When you do the mops when visiting friends it takes a bunch more than it would when you do it in your own Springfield but it will get you there! This will get you back to 5 stars in Righteousness the fastest!

So, given that the game files are not clear on this, what do we know?:

1. Character behavior: This may or may not influence the rating very much or even at all – but the experience of players suggests that it seems to have some impact. Certainly, Sideshow Bob appearing in your town causes a drop as does having your criminals wandering around town. Lenny’s tendency to mope and break several out-dated laws in the process may also cause a drop. Gambling at Springfield Downs appears to have no impact. On the other hand, sending your characters to church regularly has benign reported as having a positive impact on the rating in some cases.

2. Cleaning up graffiti: This seems to restore your rating very quickly in your town, and you get 1/2 a point back for each piece of graffiti you clean up in your friends’ towns.

3. Leaving graffiti: This should cause your rating to drop – although some players have reported that it increases, which seems to be a glitch.

4. Visiting friends: If you don’t visit friends for a while and do some cleaning up, and very few friends visit you and leave graffiti for you to clean up, the rating seems to plummet automatically.

5. New levels: These often seem to cause a drop in the rating at some point.

6. Random behavior: It may just be that random drops in the rating are built into the game.

So, I hope this helps. And you have any other thought, please keep sending them in.