Almost any building is possible – if it has appeared in the series even once, then it’s a candidate for the game. And the files give a hint of some of the buildings that are already being considered.

But, there are spoilers ahead – so if you really want to see the list, you’re going to have to use the link just after the picture to read on…


A word of caution about the list – not everything in the files may end up in the game. While there are multiple references in the files to many of these buildings, others may have been planned and dropped.

Asia de Cuba
Duff Stadium (possibly part of a Whacking Day event)
Fat Tony’s Compound (possibly part of a new level)
Fort Sensible (possibly part of a Whacking Day event)
The Frying Dutchman
Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club (possibly part of a new level)
Lugash’s Gym
Skinner House (possibly part of a new level)
Sleep-Eazy Motel (possibly part of a Whacking Day event)
Springfield Bowl
Springfield Coliseum
Springfield Mall
Swanky Fish (possibly part of an episode promotion)

Just how many of the buildings on the list will actually appear in the game remains to be seen. I do have a feeling, though, that we’ll be seeing a few if them very soon.