Regular readers of this blog will know that I experienced the same game glitch that many other players have experienced following the most recent update – an XP bar that refused to move no matter how much XP I collected. This problem seems to have arisen from a glitch in the most recent update which saw the level 27 XP goal reduced to a mere 9,000XP for some players, far below what it should be.

While mine started working again on its own after a few days, other people are still experiencing this issue. A solution that seems to have worked for quite a few people is buying and placing lots of weather stations – and a number of people have confirmed that this seems to have been enough to kickstart their XP bar and get it moving again:

Bruce: Confirmed! XP bar will become unstuck if you buy a ton of weather stations. Took me almost 40 and sadly I didnโ€™t get the XP from all of them but who cares itโ€™s working fine again.

Anonymous: Yay. I bought about 20 weather stations and it totally worked for me.

Jarod: I bought ten weather stations and my XP is moving again.

Three things to note:
1. If you’re short of cash, you may only need to wait until your XP bar catches up with where you should be, as I did.
2. There’s no clear number of weather stations you need to buy – it seems to be anywhere between 10 and 40.
3. The XP you missed out on may be lost forever – probably because there’s a discrepancy between where your screen tells you that you are and where the inner workings of the game register you as being.

But if your XP bar is still stuck and you have some game dollars to spare, this is well worth a try.