Fat Tony first appeared as a limited time episode promotion back in November 2012 and hasn’t been available since – a fact that has since made many players who missed out on him more than a bit unhappy. After all, he appears regularly in the series and is currently the only character in the Wiseguys set.

So, here’s his quest on that first appearance – and once you’ve read it, be sure to click the link just below the picture for more:

1. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 1 Fat Tony arrives.

Fat Tony: I should be able to lay low here for a while. But first I must acquire the necessary low-laying supplies. Fat Tony goes to the Kwik-E-Mart to buy hole up supplies (45 seconds).
2. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 2
Fat Tony: Pasta, sauce, a checkered napkin and a sleeveless t-shirt… just the essentials of life. Now I’ve got to find a place in which I can keep out of sight. Of course it’s everybody’s favorite – the Brown House (3 minutes)
3. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 3 Of course, as it’s the Brown House, it probably won’t be long before someone else turns up there as well..
Homer: All this walking around Springfield is killing me! I need a nice disappear-inside-a building job.
Homer breaks into the Brown House to watch TV (3 minutes).
Fat Tony: Hey, what are you doing here? You a cop? You’ll never take me alive!
Homer: Fat Tony! I didn’t know this was your house. Please don’t kill me! I’m just a lazy guy who likes TV! Fat Tony: Oh no — this is not my abode. I’m just taking an unscheduled vacation of indeterminate length. Please pass the remote.
4. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 4 There’s a problem with holing up in the Brown house, though, as we all know…
Fat Tony: Homer, it would be to our mutual benefit if you did not tell anyone that I am here. Don’t breathe a word if you want to keep breathing in general.
Homer: But if you’re hiding out, you shouldn’t stay here. Half the town drops by here on a regular basis! No need to get your gun out again…
Fat Tony: Then you’ve got to hide me, Homer! Please? Pretty please with a gun to your head on top?
So, Homer lets Fat Tony hole up in his basement (5 hours).
5. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 5 Of course, that doesn’t make all the Sinpsons family happy…
Lisa: Ugh, dad, why was there a Mafia Crime Boss hiding in our basement?
Homer: You know, I didn’t think to ask! Why are you hiding, Fat Tony? Did you off someone, commit tax fraud, drink a large soda in New York City?
Fat Tony: I did all of those things. But that’s not why I’m hiding and I can’t speak about it. It’s too awful.
Lisa: Dad! He’s kind of scaring me. Why don’t you take him to get something to eat? Even if it’s meat, that’s fine with me.
Homer and Fat Tony go to eat at the Krusty Burger (30 minutes).
6. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 6 That was probably not the smartest thing to do if you’re hiding from someone…
Wiggum: Ahh, there you are Fat Tony!
Fat Tony: Uh oh. Is it bribe time already?
Wiggum: No, that’s not til next week. Today, I have an envelope for you!
Lisa: Wait, aren’t you going to arrest him?
Wiggum: What? No. That’s just papers informing him he has to report for jury duty on Sunday, November 18th at 8/7 central.
Homer: Why are you talking like that? What courthouse is open on Sunday nights? And who’s going to run the Mafia while he’s serving jury duty?
Pop up message: Find out in the November 18th episode of The Simpsons!
Homer: D’Oh, I get it – it’s a promo! We still get to keep Fat Tony in our town after the show airs, though.
Fat Tony: You know Homer, my boys are here every week collecting protection money, and I’ve never tried their burgers before.
Homer: What do you think?
Fat Tony: I think the clown who runs this place is the real criminal. We should get back, before somebody sees me.
And Fat Tony goes and holes up in the Simpson’s basement one more time before the quest ends (5 hours).

So, why post this now? You’ll have to follow the link just underneath the picture to find out…


Now that you’re safely in the spoiler zone – the reason for this post is that there’s a considerable amount of material in the files to suggest that Fat Tony will be making a reappearance as part of a future level update!

It looks like if you don’t already have him, he’ll be entering the game just before Legs and Louie, two members of his gang, are included as new game characters. There are quest lines in the files involving Burns and Fat Tony that lead to building Fat Tony’s Compound and the Illegitimate Businessman’s Social Club. There’s also a quest line involving Bart taking a job as a bartender for the mob. There’s nothing yet to indicate how Fat Tony will be introduced for those who don’t have him, but the storyline I’ve written up here will need to be at least slightly different.

There are, as yet, no dates and no images and things may well change – so I’m not offering any guarantees. But my guess is that we may see Fat Tony and his gang as regular game characters sometime in the next few new level updates.