Episode promotions are really fleeting things – they arrive and they’re gone before you know it. And if you miss out on adding them to your game, it’s likely that you’ll have missed out for good.

Here are some of the items that have already come into the game and gone again within a few days during this US season of The Simpsons (and by “gone” I mean that they’re no longer available):

The Duff Racer
Fat Tony (although he may be back!)
Cool Homer and the Cool Brown House
Gorgeous Grampa and the Gorgeous Grampa Billboard
Fruit-Bat-Man and the Fruit-Bat-Signal

With the exception of the Gorgeous Grampa Billboard and Fruit-Bat-Man, all of these items were free. But are there any more planned before the 24th season ends in May?

The short answer looks like it’s “yes”, and if that’s all you really want to know, it’s probably time to move on to another post. But if you want to know more, you’ll need to follow the link just underneath the clip of Fruit-Bat-Man in action from the ANIMATION ON FOX YouTube channel:

Before reading on, though, please remember that what follows is based on information currently available. Anything could change, although I really hope it doesn’t…

The next episode promotion looks like being for the very next new episode of The Simpsons, “What Animated Women Want”, which guest stars George Takei as a sushi chef who gives Homer some advice (you can see the publicity information for this episode at the Fox Flash website.)

And it looks like there’ll be two promotional items for this (I’m sure at least one of them will be free) – the Swanky Fish restaurant and Springfield Falls (which Homer describes as the lamest waterfall he’s ever seen, so don’t expect anything too much!). It looks like there are two short quests attached to this promotion. I’d look out for this one around Thursday afternoon on April 11.

The second episode promotion looks like one for an episode called “Whiskey Business”, which is as yet unscheduled. In that episode, Moe apparently gets a new suit and a new lease on life – and in the game he apparently gets a “Respectable Moe” costume and a 4-part storyline (similar to the Gorgeous Grampa quest). If you’re outside the US, keep an eye on the season 24 Wikpedia page (here), and you’ll able to see when it’s scheduled.

I really hope this all happens – because it’s starting to make April and May look as busy for the game as October-December were last year!