Here’s the usual warning you’re going to see on every one of these posts – EA hasn’t confirmed yet that there will be an event yet to celebrate that uniquely Springfield holiday, Whacking Day (at least it was a Springfield holiday until it was discredited way back in season 4). And while there’s a lot of information about a Whacking Day event in the files, which I’ve now seen for myself, anything that’s there may change with the next update. It still remains to be seen whether any of this will actually happen.

Now that’s out of the way, one of the features of the event will apparently be Whacking Day prizes – and by all accounts, there’ll be 10 of them (and to avoid spoiling things for people who prefer to be surprised, if you’re viewing from the homepage, you’ll need to click or tap through to see what they are):

Prize 1: Fort Sensible
Prize 2: Expert Whacking License
Prize 3: Gymnastic Lisa and Balance Beam
Prize 4: Snake Rocks
Prize 5: Snake Statue
Prize 6: Duff Stadium
Prize 7: Pet Snake
Prize 8: Bare-Chested Willie
Prize 9: Springfield Coliseum and Tatum
Prize 10: Sleep-Eazy Motel and Miss Springfield

So 4 new buildings, 2 new characters, 2 new costumes, and some decorations. While this may seem a lot compared to either the Christmas or Valentine’s events, it’s certainly comparable to last year’s Halloween event. So, fingers crossed that what’s sitting hidden on your device right now will actually be released some time very soon.