As readers of this blog will know by now, there are strong rumors that a new event is on the way. If and when it does comes, it will be the game’s fourth big event after Halloween and Christmas in 2012 and Valentine’s in February this year.

Each of the previous events has involved visiting friends and collecting something from their town – candy, Santa coins, or hearts. And each of those events usually meant that most players visited all their friends every day.

So that’s the topic of this week’s poll – how often do you visit friends when there isn’t a big event going on? Some tips on which answer to choose:
– Players who’ve taken part in a big event before should choose the answer that is closest to non-event visiting habit;
– New Apple players who haven’t taken part in a big event yet should choose the answer that most closely matches your regular friend-visiting habit;
– Android players should choose the Android option.

The poll will run until next weekend or the next event begins – whichever happens first. Vote now, then see what other players do!

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