Without Origin yet, Android players don’t have that sense that everything will eventually be okay when something happens to their game. Recently, a number of players have experienced problems with their game. Not being an Android player, I haven’t been sure how to answer this, until this came in a couple of days ago from Brad:

After doing some research, I confirmed what I had expected… that there are some files on the device that sync with the server on startup. So all you need to do is go into your application data and clear the data for Tapped Out. Then on relaunching the application, it syncs to the server, downloads all the various updates that have come since launch and your town is back to where it was.

I suspect that a lot of people that are getting this problem and talking about it on the EA forums likely start a new town which probably replaces the data on the EA servers. (TSTOTips note: starting your game again is always a bad idea on either platform.)

So if this happens to anyone:
1. Exit the game
2. Clear all game data in the application manager
3. Restart the game

Pretty easy fix. Not sure why EA hasn’t posted that this will work.

I’m on a GS3, so perhaps this won’t work for everyone on Android.

Johnny, a reader of this blog, asked me if I was sure this would work – and I had to reply that as I couldn’t test it for myself, I could give no guarantees. No doubt holding his breath all the while, he decided to give it a go anyway, and this is his reponse:

Just did the Brad fix on my asus tf300t tablet Android TSTO game,and I want you to know it has worked perfectly so far!

So, it seems that this may be an option. Again, I’d like to stress that this may not work on every Android device (which may be why EA haven’t released this as a possible solution). And if you have donut purchases at stake, you may feel more comfprtable waiting for the next update, which may well be shortly after Easter.