We’ve all experienced it – planting a crop on Cletus’ Farm, leaving the game for a little too long and coming back to discover that it’s died on the vine. And that’s a bit of a shame because growing crops costs game dollars that could otherwise be used for something else. So how long is too long to leave a crop before it rots in the field?

I originally thought that, with the exception of Perfection, your crops took as long to die as they do to grow. But it turns out that there’s some information in the game files that says otherwise. So here’s an update on the crops and how long you have to harvest them:

Weeds – 45 seconds to grow and 45 seconds to die
Perfection – 45 seconds to grow and 3 seconds to die
Tomacco – 1 hour to grow and 24 hours to die
Silvertongue – 8 hours to grow and 24 hours to die
Triffids – 12 hours to grow and 24 hours to die (collecting XP only – nothing happens at all to your game!)
Moonshine – 24 hours to grow and 24 hours to die
Corn – 90 days to grow and 7 days to die

You’ll note that Perfection dies very quickly – within 3 seconds of the end of its grow time. So if you get a task to plant Perfection, you’ll need to watch it grow for 45 seconds and harvest it as quickly as you can if you want to clear the task and collect any cash or XP.