I really need to begin this post by saying that there has been no confirmation from EA that a Whacking Day event is on the way… however, the files certainly do appear to contain some Whacking Day information.

An extremely reliable source has confirmed that there’s a Whacking Day Guide (similar to the guides for other special events) already sitting in the files. There are no images at this stage and, while its content may change with the next update, this is what it currently says:

Whacking Day
Whacking Guide
(Panel 1) Enter Baton Mode and tap to whack snakes and collect rewards.
(Panel 2) Place snake eggs in friends’ towns for them to hatch. Some snake eggs contain donuts!
(Panel 3) Win up to 10 amazing prizes for whacking snakes. Just like in real life!
The event ends May 2, 2013. Get whacking!

If the event ends on May 2, when does it begin? At the moment, that’s anyone’s guess.