Some time ago, I linked a video from NUCLEARVIDEOSHD on how to maximize yor game dollars (and you can find it here). Here’s what RerockerFC has to say on the topic:

How can you earn more money in the game? Here are the main things you can do:

Send your characters on tasks frequently!

As much as you can, send them on short tasks (30 minutes or 1 hour) while you’re sitting by your game – the moment they finish, you can collect the rewards. However, when you’re not playing, send them on tasks almost equal to the amount of time you plan to be gone. For example, if you’re going to sleep, send them on 6-8 hour tasks. You can also send all your players on 24 hour tasks and, when they’re all done, you’ll have a big pot of gold waiting for you (around $10,000).
Tip: Premium characters and characters in premium costumes generally earn 50% more money than regular characters for tasks that take the same amount of time.

Premium Items

As much as most of us don’t like spending our precious donuts on premium items, I have to say it’s worth it. After all, they give you bonuses on all cash and XP you earn. Consider buying at least a couple and especially the ones that fetch you higher bonuses, such as the Springfield Sign (my favourite).


Getting higher stars at the Conform-o-meter not only demonstrates (to an extent) your progress in the game but also gives you a greater bonus. However, even if the bonus is lower than the maximum, it’s still a bonus! With 5 stars you get a 5% bonus on all the money and XP you collect, making it a useful way to increase cash for those who don’t want to buy premium items. And if you don’t want to get the stars to get the bonus, at least get them to impress your friends!

House Farming

Housefarming is always a point of contention among players. But it’s also the best way to make money fast. House farming basically mean a large number of houses whose rent added together gives you a lot of money and XP. It’s my favourite source of extra income for my Springfield – and if you’re a level 27 player it also helps you hit the bonus levels and those free donuts much more often.

After following these methods I make around 60,000 every morning! Following on from yesterday’s post, let me know what you collect, and share any tips you have on making money fast!