Regular readers of this blog have seen posts like this a number of times – but, this time, my answer is a little different. And that’s because, hidden among all the rumors about what’s coming next in the game is one more about something that may or may not happen a little further into the future – and it’s one that I find quite interesting.

At some time in the future (and I seriously doubt it will be very soon), it appears that there are plans for Louie and Legs, two members of Fat Tony’s gang, to enter the game together with the Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club. And it seems that Fat Tony will be involved as an active participant in their quest.

Does this mean that those who missed out on Fat Tony (available as free episode promotion for a few days last November) will finally be able to add him to the game? I hope it does – and that would make him the first limited-time character to return.

Please remember, though, that this is a very much a rumor at this stage. And if Fat Tony returns, it is unlikely to be with the next update or anything that happens in the game in the next month or so. To me, this sounds like the early stages of something that’s been planned for a level or two ahead of where we are now.

If it does happen, though, it will make a lot of newer players very happy.