I’m still hoping for a small Easter update, but it’s looking less likely with each passing day. It’s just hit Thursday on the West Coast of the US, and Thursday has been update day throughout this month, so if nothing happens today then it’s highly unlikely anything will happen at all (apart from the possibility of a few free Easter donuts). We’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, there are a couple of things happening on the blog this week that you may have missed:
– the new character poll: if you haven’t voted, vote now. The poll closes on Saturday (and new poll ideas are always welcome!). You can find the poll here;
– the Simpsons quiz: set by Rcsprinter last weekend, you can find it at http://is.gd/jIToCC – try and do it from memory, rather than Wikipedia. And, when you’ve finished, put your score in the comments and he’ll announce the winner on the weekend.

Also, my special thanks to the 20 or so people who have made a contribution to the upkeep and maintenence of this site. I really appreciate your support. Before I put these buttons away until the next milestone (2,000,000 hits), if you would also like to contribute through PayPal, please feel free to do so. And please remember that there’s no obligation to subscribe – everything here is free and will always remain that way.

So, if you would like to make a US$1.00 contribution to the upkeep of this blog, you can do so using the button below:

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And keep checking in – as soon as I see or hear something about an update, I’ll post it here.

The Simpsons Last Supper