For newer players of the game, those big, expensive buildings (what the game calls the “aspirational” buildings) seem out of reach. But the longer you play the game and the more characters and buildings you have, the easier it is to build up a decent amount of cash each day.

There are a number of ways to build up cash in the game (and there’s a post coming from RerockerFC on this). But, in the name of research, I decided that yesterday would be a day that I didn’t spend any money on renovating my town and that I would instead find out just how much money I made in an average day.

I started the day with $2170 (after a decoration binge the day before). I finished the day with $118,926. Now, I’m not a housefarmer, although I do have some multiple buildings, but I do have all the premium characters and costumes and many of the limited time buildings (although not all of them). But it does demonstrate that the further you go on in the game, the easier it is to make money – and perhaps that the Escalator to Nowhere, the Popsicle Stick Skyscraper, and the 50-foot Magnifying Glass are not so out-of-reach after all.

Let me know how much your Springfield earns in an average day (and whether you house farm or prefer the individual building approach). And look out for RerockerFC’s tips tomorrow on earning more money from your Springfield.