I don’t think I’ve seen so many rumors about what’s coming next in the game as I have in the last week or so. In the poll post, I wrote about the characters that may or may not be on their way soon – but here are the buildings that are rumored to be prizes in a possible April Whacking Day event:

Fort Sensible
Sleep-Eazy Motel (with Miss Springfield)
Duff Stadium
Springfield Coliseum (with Tatum)

Now, if there is a Whacking Day event (and nothing has been confirmed yet), this actually sounds feasible. After all, at Christmas, the prizes for collecting Santa Coins were:

Try ‘N’ Save
Mapple Store
Barney’s Bowlarama (with Barney)
Santa’s Little Helper

And something very similar happened at both Halloween and Valentine’s Day – candy and hearts got you some great limited-time buildings, costumes, and characters.

I’ll be posting more on this over the next few days – but remember that these are just rumors at the moment. There are, as yet, no images available. When there are, it will all be a little more real.