Sometimes I can’t resist a little bit of “what if”. So, here goes…

The global release of the game on Android took most of February and I think I understand why Origin wasn’t released for the game at the time – just as with the Apple release, there may have been problems with players in one part of the world adding friends in another. It’s not that EA have no plans – in fact, they announced their Origin on Android plans as far back as August 2012 as you can see here in one of the many news reports at the time (and some players in some areas are already reporting that Origin is available on Android for other EA games, perhaps as a pilot test). But, for Tapped Out nothing has happened in March, and we’re nearly into April. So, when is it likely to be available?

My guess is that if the Whacking Day rumors are true, then Origin for Android will be with the release of that event. The rumors suggest that you’ll be able to release snakes into friends’ town – and, from a marketing perspective, I really can’t see EA excluding Android players from all this fun (in fact, I’d consider it a really big marketing mistake!).

Also in April is the release of the Samsung Galaxy 4 – and EA have been making a lot of noise about how it has partnered with Samsung and will be optimizing 16 of its games, including Tapped Out, for this new device. I would be very surprised if Origin wasn’t made available for Android players of the game before the global launch of the Galaxy 4 on April 26.

Please note that this is all guesswork, and doesn’t take into account any discussions EA may be having with Google Play about what an Origin store for Android players might do to sales through Google Play. And while it all seems quite logical, we’re still in the position of having to wait and see.