The Tree-hugging rating is rarely a problem for players at higher levels of the game. But as you’re starting out and expanding your land, it’s something you need to manage.

Your Tree-hugging rating is included on your Conform-o-meter, which you can find by tapping on the stars at the bottom left of your screen:

The Tree-hugging rating contributes towards your conformity bonus, which gives a boost to the cash and XP you collect every time you tap on anything in the game. As you can see, mine is currently 4.5% due to a drop in my Righteousness rating (and another post on that is still on it’s way!).

You boost your Tree-Hugging rating by buying trees, flowers and shrubs, all of which are allocated a certain number of points behind the scenes in your game. But the important thing to know is that all the non-premium trees, shrubs and flowers give you exactly the same number of points. And that means that if you spend $1000 on the smaller shrubs, you’ll get far more points than you would if you spent $1000 on the more expensive trees.

So, the best way to boost your Tree-hugging rating should it ever be at less than 5 stars is to keep buying shrubs until you build it up all the way!