Carl’s Rise up the Ladder is the third of the four level 27 quests. It takes place immediately after Lenny’s Downfall. Mr. Burns and Carl need to be free when Lenny gets out of jail to begin this next stage of the story.

Here’s the walkthrough (it’s a much shorter quest than Lenny’s Downfall):

1. Carl’s Rise up the Ladder Part 1 Burns has a problem that he needs Smithers to solve:

Smithers: But sir, we only have two other employees. And one of them is Homer Simpson.
Burns: Then we’ll have to promote the other one.
Carl: Thank you, Mr Burns, but I’ve reached the phase of Buddhist enlightenment where I feel no attachment to material wealth.
Burns: I’m willing to give you a sixty-percent raise and a four month signing bonus.
Carl: Thanks again. I’ve never really tried being rich before. Executive washroom, here I come!
Burns: Excellent. Let’s, shall we say, seal the deal. I hope dinner at 5:30pm is not too late.
And Carl goes to dinner at Burns Manor (2 hours – keep Smithers free as he finishes).
2. Carl’s Rise up the Ladder Part 2 To celebrate his first day in his new position, Smithers and Carl go to Moe’s for Apple-tinis (4 hours – keep Kent Brockman free as they finish).

3. Carl’s Rise up the Ladder Part 3 Carl is now moving in a different social circle. As the minorities need to stick together (and Carl is a little surprised that Brockman qualifies as a member of any minority), Brockman suggests that they go and eat at Springfield’s pricey restaurants – El Chemistri and the Gilded Truffle (2 hours together at each restaurant for a total of 4 hours – keep Homer and Lenny free as they finish).

The story continues in True Bromance