Not necessarily…

Last week saw the third App Store/Google Play update this month. And just as there was no sign of the St. Patrick’s Day update in the files until the in-game update came, there may still be a short Easter event on the way.

Our last chance to get this is probably on Thursday evening US time – that seems to have been update day throughout this month. As usual, EA is keeping very quiet, but that means nothing.

So what do I expect? I think there may be something this week, although there is really no guarantee. And that’s because while higher level players have just had something new to play with or aim towards, there hasn’t been anything new for lower level players since St. Patrick’s Day ended. However, it’s worth noting that, back in January, there was nothing new between the level 25 release on January 11 and the Valentine’s Day update at the end of January.

And if there isn’t anything new this Thursday, it may simply be because something bigger is on the way.