Longer-term players will need to bear with me for a moment, because you’ve seen a variant of this question many times before (and you’ve probably even asked it yourself at one point!). If you’ve been asking this question, though, you’re in good company. It’s probably the most commonly asked question by newer players of the game.

There are really two games going on in your Springfield. One is the XP bar game where you level up every time you fill up your XP bar and other is the regular game where you need to unlock all the buildings and characters and complete their quests in order. With the exception of the Post Office and Pimento Grove, it’s not your XP bar level that unlocks buildings. Your gameplay level does that.

If you play the game several times a day and visit lots of friends frequently, you’ll find that your XP bar moves you through the levels much faster than you can unlock buildings and characters. And the higher you go, the greater the difference may be between your XP bar level and your real game level. I can remember being at level 25 (the maximum at the time) and still unlocking Krabappel’s Apartment.

So, while your XP bar level may say 27, your game level may actually be much lower. Take a look at your building menu and see the next building you need to unlock. That will tell you your real level.

Why does this happen? I think it’s because there’s something in the game programming that decides what an average level of play would be – and for many of us, we enjoy the game so much that we spend an above average amount of time playing it. That means our XP bars move much faster than the gameplay can keep up.

The bottom line is – don’t worry, you’ll unlock the Temple once you’ve completed the quests and unlocked all the building that come before it in your build menu. In the meantime, enjoy the game.