Note: This post has now been updated. See here for the latest information.

Last week, I wrote about how you can improve your Consumerism rating on your Conform-o-meter (you can read that post here) . But just how many shops do you need to get a 5-star rating and head towards that maximum 5% conformity bonus on all your cash and XP collections?

Fortunately, the answer is “not many”. Here’s the breakdown:

Level 10-11: 4 shops
Level 12: 5 shops
Level 13-16: 6 shops
Level 17-27: 8 shops

These numbers show why it’s difficult to get 5 stars at lower levels, but much easier at higher levels – and also why you’re able to buy a second or a third Kwik-E-Mart from quite early on in the game.

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