As some of you have seen, there are rumors around about a very big Whacking Day update for the game scheduled to begin sometime next month.

I’ve been hearing these rumors for a while, and I know that EA had planned a Whacking Day event for last year until they had to withdraw the game from the App store to work on its stability. That’s why there’s been a long-standing reference to a Ninja Homer in the game’s raw files. At this stage, however, the rumors are just that – rumors. There are quite a few things in the files that haven’t happened in the game and may or may not happen in the future.

At this stage there is no confirmation and there are no images that can be pulled from the files (Simpsonswiki qualifies its information by saying that they could be a mix of rumor and fact – however, the original source for the information is usually reliable). Based on the rumors, though, the event seems much bigger than I would expects – bigger, in fact, than Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s day put together.

But there are four things that are important to know:
– the big events happen every couple of months and we are due for one in April;
– Whacking Day (May 10) is an important enough Springfield event to celebrate in the game and, like Halloween, the celebrations could begin about about a month before;
– when it comes, it will be an App store / Google Play update, as the splash screen will need to change; and
– the friend dimension that’s been suggested could well mean that Android players get Origin in time for both the update and the Samsung Galaxy 4 release.

Does that mean there won’t be anything for Easter? We’ll just have to wait and see what happens this week.