The Homer Buddha has come up a lot in search terms hitting my blog – and that’s probably due to the release of the Springfield Buddhist Temple. That means it’s probably time to update this post from a couple of months back:

The Homer Buddha is not an object you can place in your town and has nothing at all to do with the Springfield Buddhist Temple. What you get for your 15 donuts is really a Mystery Box that gives you a premium item every time, as the information says:

You’re much more likely to get some great buildings and characters from the Homer Buddha than you are from a Mystery Box. People have reported getting Hans Moleman, the Squeaky Voice Teen, and Frink’s Lab. But you’re just as likely to get a picket fence (worth 1 donut), a dumpster (worth 10 donuts), or a burning bush (worth 20 donuts). There’s no guarantee of exactly what that premium item will be.

And you’re also likely to get a Mystery Box, which is itself a premium item. And while the Mystery Boxes themselves are premium items, the things they contain usually aren’t. That means it’s more than a little disappointing when you buy a Homer Buddha and it contains a Mystery Box that contains a Brown Fence, a Dumpster or a Newspaper Dispenser.

Basically, the Homer Buddha, like the Mystery Box, is a gamble. You may get something good – but you may also get something you don’t want and don’t need.