Hi everyone! My name is Rerocker (obviously not my real name) and RerockerFC on Tapped Out. I’m going to be writing posts on this website on a regular basis from now on. I hope to discuss interesting topics and give you guys tips to help you in the game. If you want you can send me a request in the game, and I’ll be sure to add you! And so, my first post!

There are lots of reasons to make your Springfield look better: to impress your friends I guess is the main reason.

So how can you make it look better? Here’s a few points to guide you.

Central Springfield

This is the part of Springfield which shows up the moment you and your friends open your Town. First impressions are everything and if you mess up that part then it won’t get people excited to see the rest.
Tip: Try and keep the Simpsons’ house in the center. It’s the base of your Springfield.

Theme for each Building

A good tip is to think: if this building existed in real life, how would it look? For example, the Springfield Penitentiary should have a boundary of barbed wired gates and not much color to the place. It’s a jail! Keep up a theme for each building. Landscape as much as you can. (Well don’t overdo it :] )

Landscape and Dedicate

As I mentioned above, try and landscape each building/store/house. Don’t be cheap! Dedicate a certain space to it and avoid stuffing all the buildings in a single line.

Build a Park

Try and go outside the box a bit. Don’t just stick to the houses and buildings but utilize the decorations and maybe make a park. Use the table, gazebo and all possible trees and other forms of flowers and greenery. It increases your vanity rating and a good feel to the city.


Contrary to what people believe, house farming does not always look bad. I don’t throw houses hear and there around the town. Keep all the ‘special houses’ (Ned Flanders.etc) together and other houses (purple house etc.) in multiple number, together.

Follow the show a bit

Try setting up your Springfield as they sometimes show it in the show. For example they have shown the Church and Moe’s Tavern together multiple times.

So these are some of my tips. Feel free to follow them if you’d like!
Also, post in the comments a link to the picture of your garden! I’d like to see what you’ve done to your Springfields!