Last weekend, rcsprinter asked you for your comments on which characters you’d most like to see in the game – and there were lots of comments. So, that makes a perfect topic for this weekend’s poll.

I’ve taken the top 10 most characters mentioned in your comments, and now I’d like you to narrow them down. Of all the characters listed, which are the top 3 that readers of this blog would like to see? I’ve included both living as well as dead characters (as dead characters have been known to come back to life in the series) – and taken the position that even if the voice actor is sadly no longer with us (Troy McLure), there’s nothing to stop the character from coming into the game without a voice.

Unlike other polls, where you had just one answer choice, this time you can choose 3 characters from the list. And if your favorite character isn’t there, vote anyway and make a comment below – I’ll be counting the write-ins in the final results next weekend!