With four different quests, level 27 is designed to keep you playing for at least a week – provided you don’t waste your donuts on speeding it up (for a post on when level 28 can be expected, see here).

The quests that make up level 27 are:
1. Buddha’s Got Back
2. Lenny’s Downfall
3. Carl’s Rise up the Ladder
4. True Bromance

I’ve already done a walkthrough for Buddha’s Got Back, as this is the quest that unlocks the Springfield Buddhist Temple and the Adult Education Annex (and you can find both parts on the Walkthroughs page here). Walkthroughs for the other quests are coming soon. The slight delay is because, despite writing this blog, I want to make the quests last as long as possible for my own enjoyment of the game, so I’m really only trying to keep slightly ahead of normal game progress!

Just a reminder again – resist the temptation to use donuts to speed up your progress. It’s a long time between new levels – and who knows what may be coming in the next couple of weeks that might put your precious donuts to far better use!