Many people were surprised to see their Gluttony rating drop when level 27 was released. I suggested why this might be the case a couple of days ago, and you can read the post and the comments here. But now I’ve come across some information that will definitely help you to get your rating back where it belongs – and it will also help people at lower levels maintain a 5-star Gluttony rating throughout the game.

According to a post at, each restaurant is assigned a points value. Regular restaurants (the one’s that you build in normal game play) are assigned 10 points, as are the limited time restaurants (Phineas Q. Butterfat’s from Valentine’s Day). Premium restaurants (only Lard Lad at this stage) seem to be worth 20 points each. And at each level you need a certain number of points to reach 5 stars. With the level 27 update, the number of points required at many levels changed slightly to accommodate the new level.

Equating points to the number of restaurants you need to keep your rating high, here’s what you’ll need at each level:

Level 10-13: 3 restaurants
Level 14: 5 restaurants
Level 16: 6 restaurants
Level 16-17: 8 restaurants
Level 18-23: 10 restaurants
Level 24: 11 restaurants
Level 25-26: 12 restaurants
Level 27: 16 restaurants (although you may need one or two less, depending on town size)

What this means is that at level 27, you’ll definitely need duplicates to get your Gluttony rating high, particularly as neither of the new buildings are restaurants.

And this seems to have worked. Yesterday I added one more Krusty Burger and one more Gulp ‘n’ Blow (making it 3 of each in my town). As you can see, my Gluttony rating is now back at 5 stars.