The Gluttony rating has been an issue in the past few days for level 27 players – and you can read about the solution to that here. But the Indolence rating can be troublesome for players at lower levels who don’t choose to go down the house-farming route.

The Indolence rating is part of your Conform-o-meter – and you can see it by tapping on the stars at the bottom left if your screen. Getting it to 5 stars helps you get the maximum conformity bonus you can – 5% extra cash and XP every time you tap.

As you can see here, you manage your Indolence rating by buying houses for families to fight and sleep in:

Your houses are any building that has a dollar sign over them when you go to collect. This means that the Wiggum House is not actually a house (it’s a public building) – and that Willie’s Shack, Frink’s Lab, and Otto’s School Bus all qualify as houses.

In the background, your houses are allocated points: regular houses are worth 10 points each, regardless of how much they cost you to build, as are the limited-time houses like the Bad Dream House and the Cool Brown House. The premium “houses” seem to be worth 20 points each.

So, how many houses do you need at each level to maximize your Indolence rating? Here’s a rough guide:

Level 10-11: 13 houses
Level 12: 14 houses
Level 13: 15 houses
Level 14-15: 16 houses
Level 16-17: 17 houses
Level 18: 18 houses
Level 19: 19 houses
Level 20: 20 houses
Level 21: 21 houses
Level 22-23: 23 houses
Level 24: 24 houses
Level 25: 26 houses
Level 26: 27 houses
Level 27: 28 houses

Why only a rough guide? That’s because the Indolence rating also seems to be affected by the amount of land you have and whether you have reached a certain XP level but have still to unlock characters at lower gameplay level.

The bottom line is, if you see your Indolence rating drop, you simply need to build a house or two. And it doesn’t really matter what you build just so long as it can stand up to a lot of sleeping and a lot of fighting.

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