Yesterday I posted about when level 28 can be expected (you can see that post here). The other question I’m getting a lot of is whether there’ll be an Easter update.

The answer to that at the moment is that’s there’s really no answer. By all accounts, there’s nothing lurking around in the files waiting to be unlocked. But that doesn’t mean that nothing’s on the way. The St. Patrick’s Day event came in its own App Store/Google Play update and if there’s going to be an Easter event, I suspect it will come the same way.

While EA has said nothing yet about an Easter update, I think that some kind of Easter event is a possibility. After all, the level 27 update only added something to the game for players at the top end – and that means it’s highly likely that something will come next week to keep everyone else engaged and interested.

And just as there’s no indication of whether there’ll be an Easter event, there’s also no indication of what kind of an event it will be. However, unless Origin is miraculously released next week for Android players of Tapped Out, if there’s anything at all, my guess is that it will be something like the St. Patrick’s Day event rather than an event that involves visiting friends.