This is a question I’m getting a lot and it’s not surprising given that Android device users were only able to join the game in February (and even then, it was without the Valentine’s day event). The important thing to know, however, is that even Apple players who joined the game late have also missed out on a number of items.

Tapped Out is a game that’s still continually in development – and that’s one of the things I like about it. It never finishes and there’s always something new. In addition to a new level every month of so, there are also large events, small events, and episode promotions to keep everyone engaged and coming back to the game. EA treats these are rewards for regular play – which is why you may miss out on them if you’re not regularly checking in.

Some of the events that have happened over the past 12 months include:

Halloween – you can see the Treehouse of Horror collection in your character menu, but there were also costumes for Homer, Marge and Ned and a number of limited time buildings and decorations that you could buy for Candy. Apple players who weren’t around at Halloween have, like Android players, missed out on these.
Thanksgiving – a set of balloons which are no longer available. Again, many Apple players missed out on these.
Christmas – the limited time items from Christmas (with the exception of the Santa Homer costume) ended up in the premium store, which was a bit unusual. However, the Android release meant that the Mapple Store is no longer available for either Apple or Android players.
Winter – a collection of snowmen and Mr. Plow, none of which are available for either late-coming Apple players or Android players.
Valentine’s Day – 3 new buildings, which are no longer available (or usable – a bone of contention for Apple players) for anyone on any device just joining the game.
St. Patrick’s Day – Neither Tom O’Flanagan and his pub nor the Leprechaun and Wishing Well are available to players on any device just joining the game.

Add to that the Duff Racer, Fat Tony, Cool Homer and Cool Brown House, Gorgeous Grampa, and Fruit-Bat-Man episode promotions and it’s quite a list of stuff that people want in their towns but have missed out on.

But that’s the way the game goes. And it’s an important part of getting people hooked and keeping them hooked – because if you don’t play regularly, you may miss out for good on something you really want. And it’s interesting that, largely, EA haven’t chosen the obvious route of putting all the limited time items in the donut store and making you buy them with real-world cash – they really want you to keep coming back even if you’re not a heavy donut-user.

And, honestly, in the short-term, I think it’s unlikely that any of these past limited-time items will show up in the premium store for either Apple or Android players. But if Gil ever turned up and offered any of the items I missed for donuts, I’d be the first in line!