Update: Almost 48 hours after the level 27 update, my XP bar started working again of its own accord – at least I didn’t have to buy lots of weather stations. It bypassed the blue level 27 and went straight to the pink bonus level, possibly for reason that Bruce suggested in the comments.

This is a rather unusual post in that it’s my question…

I’ve been searching everywhere for an answer to this one, but none of the tips seems to have worked. I’m stuck on the first bonus level, I think, on 433 out of 120,000 after level 27 after my XP bar filled up all the way through level 27 within seconds of the level being released. And many readers of this blog are experiencing the same thing.

So far I’ve:

– updated i0s to the latest version (released yesterday)
– shut down the device and restarted it
– hard-closed the game and re-started it
– visited friends to push the game into sychronizing
– logged out through the friend page and logging in again
– built 3 mega-XP buildings in the hope of kick-starting the XP bar
– deleted and re-downloaded the game

I haven’t done a factory reset and I’m a little reluctant to do one unless there’s some kind of guarantee that it works.

I know that this problem has rectified itself for some readers of the blog who have had it in the past, but has anyone come across a reliable fix for this? I know that it’s likely that an update will cure it, so if something happens next week, it may not end up being a long-standing problem, but it would be great to resolve it in the meantime.

And there’s another question for readers who’ve experienced this before – what happens to the accumulated XP. Are you credited for it, or is it gone forever? Again, I haven’t seen anything consistent on this.