There are three quests that are part of the new level 27 update. The first of these is Buddha’s Got Back, and the first part of this unlocks the Springfield Buddhist Temple. Remember, though, that you won’t be able to begin this quest until you’re at game level 27 (not just XP bar level 27) and you’ve unlocked all the buildings and characters that come before the Springfield Buddhist Temple in your build menu.

At the end of This Little Wiggy (the level 26 quest), you’ll need to have Reverend Lovejoy free (and Lisa as well, to be safe) as he’ll be getting level 27 started. And this is how it goes:

1. Buddha’s Got Back Part 1 The quest begins by the Reverend Lovejoy responding to a request from Lisa:

Lisa: Actually, I’m trying to find meaning in this world of daily drudgery.
Reverend Lovejoy: All you need to do is trust in the wisdom of the Almighty Finger. I mean, God.
Lisa: Actually, Springfield exploded and then returned. I’ve been thinking this might be proof of the Buddhist concept of Samsara –
Reverend Lovejoy: Oh Lord. Is this another conversation where you convince me Buddha was just a chubby Jesus?
And then you’re prompted to build the Springfield Buddhist Temple ($225,000 and 24 hours, unlocking Lenny and adding to your set of Plant Workers – keep Lisa free as it finishes)

2. Little Miss Mantra At the same time as Lenny and Carl’s quest begins, there’s one more thing for Lisa to do (Marge and Homer are part of the conversation, but don’t need to be free):

Marge: Oh, honey, can’t you just go to normal church with the rest of us? I don’t want us all to end up in different heavens.
Homer: Eh, let her go, Marge. The boy’s not going to be there anyway – it’ll be nice for you and me to have some alone time.
Lisa: Thanks, Dad…I guess.
Lisa goes to the temple to meditate (30 minutes – and you’ll be sending Lenny and Carl on the next stage of their quest at exactly the same time).

More of level 27 to come. And if you want to find out more about the Buddhist concept of samsara while you’re waiting for the Temple to build, why not take a look here.