Here’s the second part of the Level 27 walkthrough (you can read the first part here), and continues the Buddha’s Got Back quest. This quest is the first of three at level 27, and it’s the one in which both the Springfield Buddhist Temple and the Adult Education Annex unlock.

In part 1, the Springfield Buddhist Temple was completed and Lenny and Carl arrived. This is what happens next:

1. Buddha’s Got Back Part 2 Lenny is very surprised to be back:

Carl: Yeah. And we came back as ourselves. Boy, we must’ve really screwed up last time.
Lenny: But we did everything right. Gave to the poor. Helped old ladies cross the street. Made sure our magazines were, at the minimum, barely legal. I was hoping to be reincarnated as you.
Carl: I don’t understand it either. We need to go someplace where we can contemplate the mysteries of our existence.
And with that, Lenny and Carl both head off to Moe’s (8 hours – best to have them do this at the same time – keep Moe free as they finish)
2. Buddha’s Got Back Part 3 – Moe wants his bar tab paid:

The problem is that Lenny and Carl’s money burned up in the explosion. So, Homer suggests that they go to the plant and get their old jobs back. And that’s where there’s another problem:

Lenny: Only one? Well, then I say give the job to Carl.
Carl: I say give the job to me as well.
Lenny: Hey! I thought you were going to do that thing where you say no, give him the job, and then we argue over something good.
Carl: Nope. Did that thing where I just take it.
And Lenny and Carl begin their plant shift – but only Carl will get paid (16 hours – Lenny and Carl will begin the next part)
3. Buddha’s Got Back Part 4 Realizing he has no future at the plant, Lenny knows that with his tobacco-chewing expertise he can rely on his fallback teaching job. At the same time, Carl realizes he has a date with Lenny’s sister. This unlocks the Adult Education Annex and prompts two tasks:

The Annex costs $182,000 and takes 36 hours to build. As you can’t send Lenny to his teaching job until it completes, you can feel free to explore their other tasks in the meantime.

That completes Buddha’s Got Back. The Lenny and Carl quests continue in Lenny’s Downfall, which is kicked off by Lenny.