This question always makes me smile when it comes so soon after a new level is released. And it’s always been the case that just after a new level, there are lots of people who want to know when the next level will arrive. In fact, “simpsons tapped out level 28” is one of the most popular search terms hitting my blog today”.

For those relatively new to the game, new levels have been released at a rate of one every month to six weeks since September 2012. And that means that there is unlikely to be any sign of level 28 until somewhere around the end of April. If you asked me to guess, I would say that we can expect it around the time of the Samsung Galaxy 4 release, as EA have been touting our game as one of 16 optimized for this new Android device.

While it would be great if EA released multiple levels at a time, a level every month or so has worked so far for bringing people back to the game and bringing new people in. And that means I can’t see the current approach changing any time soon.

Until then, relax and enjoy level 27 and whatever else comes over the next few weeks or so. Resist the temptation to use donuts to speed things up (I’ve only used some of mine to stay slightly ahead of the questions that come through here) – because it will be at least another month to six weeks before we see level 28.