There have been numerous reports since the update of really strange XP bar behavior, and I haven’t been immune. Since just after the update, my XP bar has been stuck at 433 of the level 27 target of 120,000 XP. Deleting and redownloading the game hasn’t helped, and neither has opening it on an iPhone5.

Now, this is a glitch that has been around for a while. When the harp was at its peak, the saving grace of getting this particular glitch in your game was that you were at zero risk of getting the harp. It has been known to go away on its own – Karen, commenting on another post, has already seen this today. I’m hoping it will do the same in my game (and the games of other readers who are experiencing the same issue).

But that’s not the only thing that’s up with the XP bar for level 27 players. What should have happened is this – once level 27 was released, the bonus level should have stopped automatically, and your XP bar should have changed from its bonus level pink to its regular blue. Then, you should have had a head start of around 10,000XP on level 27, and it would then build towards the level 27 target of 120,00 XP before hitting the bonus levels and turning pink again.

What happened, though, for many players was something completely different. Here’s a selection of comments that have come through here since the update:

MsBenson91: Hi, I just logged on, and for a moment there was the HoD sound, then I got the dialogue box from the Alien, and levelled up to 27, although I wasn’t at the top of level 26. My status bar is odd, it hasn’t changed though, and is the same as when I was on 26, although it says I’m near the top of level 27. Yes, 27. Without doing anything.

Jenny: Filled the XP bar on level 27 and it returned to level 26.

Tailor: I started level 27 with a little more than half of the xp bar full.

XTC: Strangely, got bumped to level 27 even though I hadn’t finished with level 26 yet. Was up to about 70000 XP out of 111000 required for completion of 26. Launched TS:TO, downloaded new content, got an alert that I was on level 27, handed a few donuts, and my XP is already at 7900 out of 117000 for level 27.

And there are many more in the same vein. This will probably be one of those things that we’ll all have to wait for another update to resolve. And updates do seem to resolve these kind of XP bar issues in most cases. Or sometimes they just resolve themselves for no particular reason.

My theory – these glitches are a legacy of the harp fix that was apparently part of the last update and that the fix caused issues in other areas, as these things sometimes do. That may mean, though, that anyone whose XP bar is still working normally should still proceed with caution as they approach a bonus level.