A few days ago, I wrote about the Conform-o-meter and how it works (you can read the posts here and here if you missed them). It’s an important part of the game because getting it to the maximum 5 stars will boost the cash and XP you collect from everything in the game by 5%.

You can open up your Conform-o-meter and check where you currently are with your Consumerism rating by tapping on the stars at the bottom left of your main screen.

You keep your Consumerism rating high, and help to maximize your conformity bonus, by having enough shops for your town size (or, as the game says, by buying stores for suckers to drop dough). In fact anything that has a cash register over it when you cone to collect contributes towards your Consumerism rating.

So what can you build that will help you boost your Consumerism rating? Here’s a list:
– Kwik-E-Mart
– Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace
– King Toot’s
– Aztec Theater (premium)
– Try ‘n’ Save (premium)
– Howard’s Flowers (Valentine’s event – no longer available)
– Sir Putt-a-lot’s (Valentine’s event – no longer available(
– Mapple Store (Christmas event – no longer available)
– House of Evil (Halloween event – no longer available)

I was a little surprised in putting together the list – Springfield doesn’t have as many stores as I’d thought! And that means that players who missed out on the event buildings or who don’t want to buy premium buildings may have to buy a second or third Kwik-E-Mart to take their rating to it’s maximum, particularly if the town is large.

One more thing – you’ll notice that Android’s Dungeon isn’t on the list. While you and I may think of it as a store, the game doesn’t. It has a stack of dollars above it, which makes it a public building. Apparently comics build Obedience!