Thanks to rcsprinter, who started and is coordinating this, we have a couple more “entire town” pictures (my apologies for being so slow at getting these up). The first is from “Breath Fist”:

I’d like to share my Springfield with you and other fans of TSTO. I’d been working on it before I read your post. I used Photoshop, so it was a bit more labor intensive than it probably had to be. After having been locked out of my game by the harp of death, I wanted to have a saved image of my town in case it recurred after TSTOTips fixed the harp issue. Anyway, thanks for sharing and please feel free to add mine to any gallery you post.

And this one came in on Twitter from @AlmightySeaver, using the method that rcsprinter wrote about. After a couple of Inception-like results, here is the latest version:

If you want to know how to do this yourself, you can see part 3 of this series here. I’ll be trying it myself just as soon as the rivers turn blue.

Thanks again to rcsprinter and the town contributors.