Springfield’s movie theater, the Aztec Theater is a premium item that, like Springfield Observatory, is one that many people overlook. If you’re one of them, it may be worth thinking again – and here’s why:

1. It earns you a solid $200 and 20 XP every 8 hours.
2. As a “cash register” building, it boosts the Consumerism rating on your Conform-o-meter.
3. It’s a similar size and shape to Moe’s Tavern (although just slightly bigger), making it very easy to place anywhere in your town.
4. It gives Bart something extra to do – a 3-hour task that earns more than his 4-hour task, as you can see here:

5. It also gives Comic Book Guy what he would probably call the “Worst.Task.Ever.” – but it’s a 6-hour task that earns more than his regular 8-hour task:

6. If you have Squeaky-Voice Teen, it also gives him something else to put on his résumé:

And here are a couple of reasons why you may decide not to buy it or you may decide to put it off until later:

1. No new characters come with it, which is always a bit disappointing for a building.
2. You don’t have Bart, Comic Book Guy, or Squeaky Voice Teen yet, which would mean that it sat unused and unloved.
3. Bart really shouldn’t be allowed to see R-rated movies.

On balance, I think it’s a good purchase – and this is mainly because, like the Springfield Observatory, it helps a regular character do a task at a premium rate. I’m still waiting for the Itchy and Scratchy Movie, though.