The Golden Scratch-R above the Kwik-E-Mart has been my favorite recent addition to the game – and that’s because, as a donut-buyer, it often gives me a bit more of a “bang for my buck”. Unless you’re buying donuts in large quantities, you often get more donuts through the US$0.99 Golden Scratch-r than you would through the donut store for the same amount of money. But, especially if you’re playing on a smaller device, it can be very easy to tap on the Golden Scratch-R when you really meant to tap on the regular Scratch-R game. Does this mean you’re at risk of spending your money accidentally?

Thankfully, the answer is no – and that’s because it’s not an instant purchase. in fact, the first thing you see when you tap on the Golden Scratch-R is this message:

I’ve covered what happens if you decide to go ahead with the purchase in a post a couple of weeks back, which you can find here. But what happens if you decide to tap “cancel”? In that case, this is the message you see:

Well, you may have made Maggie cry, but at least you didn’t accidentally spend your real-world cash. It’s a small price to pay.

Update: As Lucy pointed out in the comments section, you do need to be be very careful once you’ve made your first purchase, though. The Golden Scratch-R stays there until you choose the regular Scratch-R, encouraging you to try again – and a second purchase immediately after the first will be instant.