St. Patrick’s Day is going on a little longer than most of us expected. While there was an update on Monday US time, it was a little like the pre-St. Patrick’s Day update – with nothing new happening immediately. That means players still struggling to get to level 10 in regular gameplay to build Willie’s Shack had a bit of extra time to do so and still finish the St. Paddy’s Day quest, your Springfield citizens had a few extra days to drink pints of Guinness together at O’Flanagan’s – and Springfield’s rivers remain a nauseating green beyond St. Patrick’s Day itself.

So when will we get our blue rivers back? The best guess based on recent experience is sometime in the afternoon of Thursday, 21 March US time. Apart from re-bluing the rivers, exactly what will happen then is still anyone’s guess – it may be level 27 or it may be an Easter update or it may be both (I’m taking the fight between the Easter Bunny and the Leprechaun in the opening credits of last week’s episode as an indication that an Easter update is still a possibility – but maybe I’m reading too much into it!)

And for those who are still not sure why the rivers are green in the first place, it’s a Chicago St. Patrick’s Day tradition. Here’s a link sent in by Edd explaining everything: