With St. Patrick’s Day still around in Springfield, here’s a quick one before it all disappears…

About a week ago, I wrote a post explaining that there’s unfortunately no cash or XP bonus when you tap on the Leprechaun when you see him in a friend’s town (and you can see that post here). But there’s still a little fun to be had. And that’s because Tapping on a friend’s Leprechaun has the same effect as tapping on your own (only without the money and XP) – he curses unintelligibly, then runs away.

So if you want to leave a friend with some erratic Leprechaun behavior as you pass through their town, give it a try. It’s not instant, which means you won’t be able to see it right away if you’re sitting next to your friend, but it’s a nice random little surprise. And you’ll still be able to do this even when St. Patrick’s Day is just a fond memory.

…and apparently you can do the same with Santa’s Little Helper and the Funzos.