The Miranda Rights quest makes up the second half of level 17 and begins with Apu prompting the build of the police station. “Level 17” is a very loose term, though – and that’s because even if your XP bar tells you you’re at level 17, you’re not really there until you’ve unlocked all the other buildings and characters that come before it on the build menu. So, level 17 is just an indication of the minimum level you can expect to be at before any of this happens.

If you want to see what should have happened before you get to this point, take a look at the other walkthroughs on the Walkthroughs page.

1. Miranda Rights Part 1 Almost as soon as King’s Toot’s is built, you’ll realize that Apu isn’t happy…

Apu: I’ve been robbed 10 times today – that’s twice as much as usual!
Apu prompts the build of the Police Station ($40,500 and 24 hours, unlocking Chief Wiggum – keep Apu and Lisa free as the build finishes to be safe).

2. Miranda Rights Part 2 As soon as Chief Wiggum is back, Apu launches straight into his complaint:
Apu: Chief Wiggum – the state of crime in this town is bad. Bombay bad.
Lisa: Speaking as a law-and-order Democrat, I say we need more police on the streets.
Wiggum thinks that’s a great idea and calls for Eddie and Lou. It takes him a moment or two to realize that they’re not back yet and that he’ll actually have to do his job. Reluctantly, Wiggum patrols Springfield (8 hours).
3. Miranda Rights Part 3 Finding actual work really quite tiring, Chief Wiggum decides to take a break at Krusty Burger (30 minutes – and keep Lisa free as he finishes to be safe).
4. Miranda Rights Part 4 Lisa is unimpressed:

Wiggum: Absolutely. And do you see any crime here at the Krusty Burger? No, you don’t! Don’t look by the register. There’s a robbery going on.
And, without any more enthusiasm than he had for the first time round, Chief Wiggum patrols Springfield again (8 hours – keep Homer free as he finishes).

The walkthrough will continue…